Jameson’s Joy Memorial Service Foundation

Jameson’s Joy recognizes the importance of parents being involved in the lives of their children, and how the lack of a father figure hurts many children. Jameson’s parents, both teachers, see daily the positive effects on children that loving mother and father figures in the home provide. Due to a passion for creating opportunities for parents to intentionally connect with their children, Jameson’s Joy works to connect parents and their children through a variety of programs and activities, and allow them to build a bond and love like Jameson had with his parents.

Lake Toxaway Charities funded a grant in 2021 to support Jameson’s Joy #SayYes project. This project was born to remind parents to intentionally spend time investing in their children during the short time they are on Earth and spend less time on things that leave no legacy. Funding for this project will be used to purchase 500 copies of the book “Daddy Hug.” This book was one of the favorites for Jameson and his brother Rhys to read with their father. These books are provided to fathers of newborns and young children in the Transylvania County area to help encourage them to intentionally spend time investing in their children’s lives at an early age.

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