Grant Assessments

In late January of each year, a detailed grant request form/questionnaire is sent to the current agencies that LTC supports.  It requires IRS documentation (990’s) from the previous year, financial budgeting and expense statements, and past and current requests and use of LTC funding.  All agencies that we support are verified IRS 501C3 tax exempt agencies.  Agencies that have never applied in the past and who have indicated interest in receiving funding from us are also sent grant request forms.  All requests are required to be submitted to us by mid March.

During April and May, the grant assessment team (about 15 Toxaway property owners, and many of whom are full time Toxaway residents) visit all current agencies on a 3 year cycle.  ALL new agency requests are also visited during this time.  The purpose of the visits is to interview the agencies and understand how our funding is being used, as well as to examine the appropriateness of new requests.

Approximately mid May, each year, our team meets to discuss and review each agency request.  Prior to this meeting, each team member is assigned applications for review and comes prepared to explain their agencies’ requests.  A working spreadsheet is utilized by the team to examine past grants, current requests, and a decision is made in that meeting (typically lasting 2-3 hours) whether the request will be honored.

There is no automatic funding/guarantees for continued funding.  Each agency request stands on its own merit each year, and we “say no” if a new agency does not meet our mission’s criteria.  We have, in fact, reduced funding and/or turned down current agencies based on our site visit and/or their current description of need.

Typically we distribute all available funds in June, with only a small portion held in reserve for “ emergency requests” as the year goes on; for example, providing a new HVAC system for the SAFE House in Brevard in the middle of winter.

Lake Toxaway Charities also maintains an Endowment Fund which is held in reserve for emergency requests, anticipated growth of the needs in our county, and perhaps for years with less than average donations.

We currently have 51 agencies that we support for the hungry, homeless, the abused, and the medically and educationally deprived residents in Transylvania County.

Contributions since inception have exceeded $2,000,000; 35%, or $700,000 of that in the last two years alone.

2020 Grant Assessments

Mediation Center – 2020 Grant

The mission of the Mediation Center is to create opportunity from conflict. The Mediation Center provides conflict resolution services to help people move through difficult and stressful times and resolve conflict without violence and abuse. For adults, they provide community and family mediation services to resolve disputes between neighbors, family members, co-workers, and others. Lake Toxaway Charities approved a $5,000 grant request in 2020 to help with these efforts.

Hunger Coalition of Transylvania County – 2020 Grant

The generous grants that we have received from Lake Toxaway Charities have helped underwrite our general budget each year. The additional funds and Covid-related grants that we’ve received during these past few months could thus be used directly for providing foods to the increased numbers of people who have benefited from our distributions.

Mountain School of Strings – 2020 Grant

Mountain School of Strings is a non-profit music organization committed to providing affordable after-school strings classes for all who are interested. Their curriculum challenges students to play music from classical to traditional mountain tunes. Research indicates that music education gives…

Cindy Platt Boys and Girls Club of Transylvania County – 2020 Grant

The Cindy Platt Boys & Girls Club is the largest youth development organization in Transylvania County, serving over 250 school-aged children and teens daily through our after-school and summer programs. Their sustainable vision is to invest in these lives, making…

Special Olympics – 2020 Grant Assessment

Special Olympics provides year-round sports opportunities for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes…

Brevard Lions Club – 2020 Grant

Lake Toxaway Charities graciously helps the Brevard Lions Club with our primary project, which is furnishing eyeglasses and eye exams for Transylvania County residents who cannot afford them.  Brevard Lion’s Club average spending over $10,000 per year to help local children and adults improve their…

Transylvania County Arts Council – 2020 Grant

Lake Toxaway Charities grants primarily help the TC Arts Council provide art classes, art camps and art opportunities for the underserved, economically challenged and special needs individuals in Transylvania County. The Council works closely with Transylvania Vocational Services (adults with disabilities), Rise and…

The Family Place – 2020 Grant Approval

The Family Place strengthens families and helps build resiliency through support, education, and community “The Family Place strengthens families through support, education and community building.  Their programs include various parent/caregiver support groups using the Circle of Parents model and two…

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