Lake Toxaway Charities has been a viable part of Lake Toxaway since 1975 when seasonal residents Ben and JoJo Walton began hosting an annual golf tournament to raise money for the local Toxaway EMS/Fire Department.  Subsequent donations helped build the Toxaway Community Center and continued supporting the volunteer fire department, which at that time received no county funds.

This was the forerunner of today’s annual Lake Toxaway Charities Sports Day, which is followed by the Gala Dinner Dance hosted at Lake Toxaway Country Club.  This event, now featuring tournaments for croquet, golf and tennis, currently involves over 400 participants and 50 volunteers and provides our community the opportunity to ‘give back’ to those in need in our Transylvania County.

In 2004 two Lake Toxaway residents each contributed $5000, matched by The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, creating an endowment fund managed under the umbrella of the Transylvania Endowment.  It has grown to nearly $100,000.  Also in 2004, 28 local non-profit organizations – an increase of 12 from 1989 –  received donations from LTC.  As LTC’s outreach expanded, recipients were grouped into categories:   Abused, Disabled and Indigent; Medical; Educational; and Other.

As of its fiscal year-end 2018, LTC has donated over $2 million to 43 Transylvania County charities.  This is a testament to the generosity of Lake Toxaway Estates residents, who care deeply about the greater community in which they live, whether seasonally or full-time.  Lake Toxaway Charities continues to make a positive impact on the County’s charitable and non-profit organizations and the people who live and work among us.

Our Mission is to support the charities, medical outreach, and educators who work with and minister to the abused, disabled, indigent, and those with special needs in Transylvania County.

Lake Toxaway Charities Board of Directors

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