Transylvania County Schools Educational Foundation (TCSEF)

The Transylvania County Schools Educational Foundation’s mission is to promote, develop, and encourage public and private support of the Transylvania County Schools. Lake Toxaway Charities awarded grants in 2020 and in 2021 in support of the TCSEF.

Transylvania County Schools Educational Foundation is grateful for the partnership and support they have received from Lake Toxaway Charities. Our partnership began in June of 2019 and the impact has already been significant. With support from Lake Toxaway Charities, Transylvania County Schools Educational Foundation has been able to cultivate partnerships and relationships throughout Transylvania County to build a team, that has been named the Tiger Impact Group, to support Rosman Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Transylvania County Schools Educational Foundation has clearly identified the need for leadership development and career exploration and are in the process of implementing the program that consists of 4 parts-Fast Track to Success (a one on one mentoring program that offers a post high school scholarships), a guest speaker program, workshops, and internships. The focus of the Tiger Impact Group is to instill and cultivate the value of work ethic, self-confidence, and to dream big about future possibilities. This critical work would not have been accomplished without the support of Lake Toxaway Charities and the volunteer power of your community members. 

Scott Strickler, the principal at Rosman Middle School, shares his gratitude for your support of this program of Transylvania County Schools Educational Foundation. “The partnership between the students and staff of Rosman Middle School and the Tiger Impact Group, through community speakers or the Fast Track to Success mentorship program, is in its early stages, but the multi-generational impact is already being felt. Having the privilege of meeting with mentors, mentees, and their families has been life-changing already in the western end of Transylvania County. In addition, students have heard from a variety of speakers who are making connections to possibilities of futures not previously understood by many middle school students. The Tiger Impact Group is opening doors and providing future options for a community of students and we all look forward to the contained collaboration for a long time to come.” 

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