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Lake Toxaway Charities is pleased to announce that it recently awarded the college with a grant for the 2020/21 academic year to make an education attainable for a Transylvania County student receiving financial aid.

The first Lake Toxaway Charities student scholarship dedicated to a Brevard College student was created in 1990, beginning a decades-long partnership with the college. The scholarship was designed to provide an affordable education for a student from the Lake Toxaway community at Brevard College. Over the years this funding has continued to morph and the scholarship now includes students from Sapphire, Balsam Grove, and Rosman.

In these uncertain times, Brevard College is thankful for neighbors that care about the power of education. Education has the ability to transform lives and the college is pleased to work together with Lake Toxaway Charities to make Transylvania County a wonderful place to learn, live, work, and play.

– Brevard College newsletter dated 7/17/2020

2020 Grant Assessments:

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