Donations Update 3/26/2020

Coronavirus Response:

Dear Neighbors and Friends, on Monday, March 23rd we sent a message asking for help as we support our local agencies who are providing aid to our neighbors with food, shelter, and medicine during this difficult time of the Coronavirus outbreak. You have humbled us. Since our email went out we have received donations or pledges totaling $28,100. We immediately distributed $28,000 of these funds among the following agencies:

Transylvania Christian Ministry, Sharing HouseTransylvania County SchoolsNC MedAssistMountain Roots, Inc.Change the World (meals for the elderly and home bound)

Requests for emergency grants continue to pour in. As we mentioned earlier, we expect our neighbors will need our support for months. Your generosity is deeply appreciated and is being used to help the most vulnerable in our community.

If you have questions regarding our Coronavirus response or would like to donate, please email us at

We will keep you informed of the needs in our community and our response as we receive information.

Lake Toxaway Charities

April Spotlight – Sharing House

The Lake Toxaway Charities emergency grant funding is hard at work at Sharing House. The Sharing House is using the funds to meet immediate needs. Shelly Webb, Director of the Sharing House, reports a record number of new neighbors seeking assistance for the first time.

Coronavirus Response – MedAssist

Lake Toxaway Charities approved reallocation of a $10,000 grant for MedAssist on March 18th. MedAssist provides medication for those residents who cannot afford it.

Coronavirus Response – Mountain Roots

Mountain Roots is in the process of developing a family support plan to provide some guidance and encouragement to the families in our community during this time.

April Spotlight

We will begin our April Spotlight by featuring: Transylvania County Schools, MedAssist​, Transylvania Christian Ministry, Sharing House​, and God’s Way Food Pantry

Coronavirus Response 3/26/2020

Sharing House is experiencing a record month of food needs this March. Over 40% of this demand is from first time families. (Read more, by clicking)

Donations Update 3/26/2020

Since our email went out we have received donations or pledges totaling $28,100. We immediately distributed $28,000 of these funds among the following agencies (Read more, by clicking)

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