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Covid19 has severely harmed many of the residents of Transylvania County, disrupted the activities of many of the agencies that assist these residents, and makes volunteering by our residents difficult.  As a result of the Covid 19 disruption, Lake Toxaway Charities has cancelled the Volunteer Fair that was scheduled for June and there are no plans at present to sponsor a Volunteer Fair this summer.

Despite the problems created by Covid19 and the restrictions it has presented to the agencies and our volunteers, the agencies still desperately need volunteers.  Some agencies can utilize volunteers at this time, and others will need volunteers once restrictions are lifted.  At this time it is impossible to provide details on which agencies can utilize assistance now and which ones can use help once restrictions are lifted.

As we cannot provide details on the needs of all the agencies at this time, we encourage any potential volunteer to contact any agency in which they have an interest directly.  The following list provides the contact and website information for some of the agencies that are in need of volunteers either now or after restrictions are lifted:

Augustine Literacy Project-Brevard (https://www.augustineproject-brevard.org/), Wendi Adair, (828) 508-2254

Four Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care  (www.fourseasonscfl.org), (828) 692-6178 

Rise & Shine Freedom School   (www.riseshine.org), (828)883-2295 , Laura Leatherwood, Reading Specialist & Volunteer Coordinator

The Family Place of Transylvania County  (https://www.thefamilyplacenc.com/), Brevard (828) 883-4857, Rosman (828) 884-6273, 

The Sharing House (http://www.sharinghouse.org/), (828) 884-2866 ext. 104, Megan Parker, Volunteer Coordinator 

SHIIP (The Seniors Health Insurance Information Program)(https://transylvania.ces.ncsu.edu/shiip-the-seniors-health-insurance-information-program/), (828) 884-3109)

Tiger Town Thrift Store (www.tigertownthrift.com), (828) 884-9222

Transylvania County Animal Services Department (https://www.transylvaniacounty.org/departments/animal-services),  (828) 883-3713  

Donations of Household Items:

In addition to volunteering your time and talents to our agencies, the following agencies accept donations of household items.  Please check with the individual agency to determine what types of items they accept.

Transylvania Habitat for Humanity

SAFE, Inc. of Transylvania County  

 The Sharing House

 Tiger Town Thrift Store

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