Sharing House Update 3/26/2020

Sharing House

Dear Neighbors and Friends, the Transylvania Christian Ministry, Sharing House is experiencing a record month of food needs this March. Over 40% of this demand is from

first time families or families who have not needed support in the last 15 months. To aid the Sharing House effort we distributed a $10,000 emergency grant

yesterday. We thank you for your financial support and encouraging messages as we navigate this county-wide crisis.

The Sharing House
Neighbor’s Market

Coronavirus Response

Lake Toxaway Charities Steps Up During Crisis

Lake Toxaway Charities (LTC) recently raised over $175,000 in three months in response to its request to Lake Toxaway Estates residents for emergency funds to assist Transylvanians during the COVID-19 crisis. “The response was humbling,” said Chip Brown, co-chair of the Charities. “We immediately…

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