Sharing House – Emergency Grant 2020

May 3rd:

An update from Sharing House Director, Shelly Webb:

We are now seeing increases for financial assistance.  We have seen a major increase with people who need help paying for two specific areas– housing and medication.  We also know that we have taken requests from over 100 new clients in 2020, people who have never needed our assistance before.

Lake Toxaway COVID grant money is going to purchase canned foods, paper products and also helping us meet the unpaid medical and rent bills our people are facing. With unemployment at an all-time high, our new wave of struggling families are hurting and people are worried.  

We are trying to alleviate some of their stress by paying off a bill or helping them to cover their rent.  Many people have commented, “we did not know where else to turn- thank you for being here!”  

Lake Toxaway Charities to-date has granted the Sharing House $10,000 to aid in their important work in our community.

Lake Toxaway Charities is committed to working with agencies in Transylvania County who are providing a vital link to necessary resources of food, medication, and shelter during this difficult time. If you are able, please consider a donation to Lake Toxaway Charities to help the less fortunate of our community who need assistance during this pandemic.

“We did not know where else to turn- thank you for being here!”

Sharing House Visitor

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