Coronavirus Response – The Cindy Platt Boys and Girls Club of Transylvania County

Emergency Grant Funding:

The Cindy Platt Boys and Girls Club of Transylvania County offers engaging programs to enrich the lives of the children of Transylvania County. Their goal is to impact children’s lives in a positive way within the following 3 outcome areas:  Academic Success, Healthy Lifestyles, and Good Character and Citizenship. 

The Boys and Girls Club provides after school support and summer programs for 697 individual children in Transylvania County in 2019. In other words, 20% of all school aged children in Transylvania County.

80% of the children are K-5.
40% of the assisted children are minorities. Scholarship recipients, only pay an average of $1.92 per day for the programs based on need.

The Cindy Platt Boys and Girls Club requested $5,000 to support giftcards for their neediest families and for stocking their supply closet for when the children return.  More information is provided below.

Lake Toxaway Charities approved an $5,000 emergency grant on April 16th to support the efforts of the Cindy Platt Boys and Girls Club of Transylvania County.

 “54% of the households/families we serve have annual household income less than $40,000. In fact, the majority of our households have annual household income between $10,000 – $19,999, and that’s before the crisis hit.” 

Candice Walsh, Grant Writer The Cindy Platt Boys & Girls Club of Transylvania County 

Information about the Emergency Grant Provided by the Cindy Platt Boys and Girls Club of Transylvania County:

Giftcards for families: 

  • Our Membership Director, Tamika Hunter is already working on a list of families that could benefit the most from giftcards! 
  • She has been and will continue to be in frequent communication with our county’s social workers (within the school system and with DSS) to ensure that we are not duplicating support. 
  • 54% of the households/families we serve have annual household income less than $40,000. In fact, the majority of our households have annual household income between $10,000 – $19,999…and that’s before the crisis hit. 
  • We recently administered a survey to our Club families gathering information about their needs during this crisis. Of the 80 families that responded, 60% or 48 families have experienced a decrease in their income during this crisis. 

Stocking our supply closet: 

  • Our Membership Director manages a supply closet within our Club to help meet some of our families needs. Clothing including undergarments, socks, jackets, shoes etc. of various sizes are found within the closet. Water bottles, first aid supplies, and feminine products are also common items. This supply closet is so valuable in a variety of situations – a child who has an accident and all family members work outside of the county thus they cannot bring a change of clothes or shoes; a child who lives in a significantly low income household and has been wearing shoes with holes; a young girl whose family doesn’t have the means to provide her with feminine products; etc. Additionally, since the school system provides a hot breakfast and lunch to our members daily during our summer program, families are responsible for providing snack. Many families do not have the means to provide snack daily. Our supply closet is also stocked with snacks for these youth and for those that are considered to be food insecure and need additional food in between meals. 
  • Given the crisis, we expect the needs of our families to continue to increase including needs for basic things for their children to return to school: clothes, school supplies including backpacks, water bottles, etc. 
  • These funds will support stocking our supply closet in preparation for when the kids do return whether that be for our summer program or in August for our afterschool program. 

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