Coronavirus Response – Mountain Roots May 9th Update

In order to help you navigate these ever-changing times, Mountain Roots continues to share helpful posts every day to their Facebook and Instagram pages. Every day has a theme to help support families in finding balance as we deal with so much change. Mountain Roots is here to provide some uplifting activities for you and your families.

I’m excited to let you know that over 9,300 individuals have been reached (thus far) by our Family Support Initiative (on Facebook) and over 1500 have actually engaged with the content–pulling up the activities, clicking on the articles, etc. We are currently averaging 5,000 individuals every single week 

Ali Lien – Executive Director

This plan includes:

Advice from homeschooling pros, Backyard play time (how to explore the backyard beyond the everyday that you’re used to), Centering, Meditation, Breathing for the entire family, Outdoor Crafts Gardening, Virtual field trips (and links to others), Family/parent chats on Zoom, and more.

Lake Toxaway Charities approved a $5,000 emergency grant at the end of March to finance this important initiative.

Our Latest News:

Lake Toxaway Charities Steps Up During Crisis

Lake Toxaway Charities (LTC) recently raised over $175,000 in three months in response to its request to Lake Toxaway Estates residents for emergency funds to assist Transylvanians during the COVID-19 crisis. “The response was humbling,” said Chip Brown, co-chair of the Charities. “We immediately…

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