April Spotlight – Sharing House

Update on March Emergency Grant Funding:

Lake Toxaway Charities distributed a $10,000 emergency grant in March to assist the efforts of the Sharing House during the COVID 19 pandemic. The Sharing House is using the funds to meet immediate needs in our community.  Shelly Webb, Director of the Sharing House, reports a record number of new neighbors seeking assistance for the first time.   

For comparison, in a normal year Sharing House will encounter 360 new households who turn to their crisis assistance program.

In the past 3 weeks, Sharing House has helped 97 new households or people not served in over 2 years. Sharing House served 389 households with emergency food in March, serving 991 individuals with a week supply of food. Last year during the month of March, they served 265 households and 688 individuals.

The growth in need is 31% for food. For financial needs Sharing House has also seen a 35% increase. The majority of the financial needs are for rent and medication

The growth in need is 31% for food.  For financial needs we have also seen a 35% increase.

Shelly Webb, Director of Sharing House

Lake Toxaway Charities is committed to working with agencies in Transylvania County who are providing a vital link to necessary resources of food, medication, and shelter during this difficult time. If you are able, please consider a donation to Lake Toxaway Charities to help the less fortunate of our community who need assistance during this pandemic.

Thank you note from Sharing House

News and Updates from the Sharing House:

July 2020 Challenge Match for the Sharing House

On Friday, 31 July, Smith Martini Foundation and Lake Toxaway Charities presented Sharing House with a joint contribution for $100,000 in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Sharing House – Transylvania Christian Ministry – 2020 Grant

Sharing House is a source of compassion and crisis assistance for our low-income neighbors in Transylvania County, where we offer food and fresh produce, gently-used clothes, rent and utility assistance, household goods, camping equipment, hot showers, a safe place to…

Rice Street Community Garden – 2020 Grant

The Rice Street Community Garden’s goal is to produce fresh, organically grown, sustainable crops for the food-insecure population of Transylvania County. All of this community-based garden’s produce is donated to a Brevard food bank called Sharing House and a soup…

Monday, May 11th Transylvania Times

The line of cars snakes out of the parking lot and into the street with patient drivers waiting their turn. Change the World is but one of several nonprofit agencies that Lake Toxaway Charities has assisted by providing funds in these troubled…

Coronavirus Response – Sharing House May 3rd Update

May 3rd: An update from Sharing House Director, Shelly Webb: We are now seeing increases for financial assistance.  We have seen a major increase with people who need help paying for two specific areas– housing and medication.  We also know…

April Spotlight – Sharing House

The Lake Toxaway Charities emergency grant funding is hard at work at Sharing House. The Sharing House is using the funds to meet immediate needs.

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