Transylvania County Schools -Emergency Grant 2020

Transylvania County Schools – Coronavirus Response

Lake Toxaway Charities, as part of our Coronavirus response is providing assistance to food-insecure school children of Transylvania County with an emergency grant.

We recently received an update from Carolyn Barton, Director of Transylvania County Schools Nutrition in regards to usage of our $10,000 emergency grant that was delivered March 23rd.

Due to the generosity and compassion of Toxaway Charities donors, Transylvania County Schools (TCS) was able to help at least 200 family units and over 250 children with grocery cards.

TCS initially purchased $30,000 in grocery cards. These gift cards provide triage help to the families most in need.

On April 5th, Lake Toxaway Charities approved a second emergency grant for $10,000. This brings the total emergency funds funds for Transylvania County Schools up to $20,000.

Lake Toxaway Charities is committed to working with agencies in Transylvania County who are providing a vital link to necessary resources of food, medication, and shelter during this difficult time. If you are able, please consider a donation to Lake Toxaway Charities to help the less fortunate of our community who need assistance during this pandemic.

Update: Coffee Break April 22nd

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