New Adventure Learning Center

New Adventure Learning Center is a full-time child day care center that serves children of many different backgrounds and abilities in each their five classrooms.  New Adventure serves 72 local area children, including 18 Pre-K students ages 4 and 5.  They are a 5-star center which uses the Creative Curriculum to provide assessments, parent conferences and developmentally appropriate activities for children.  New Adventure offers day care 5 days a week year round except for major holidays, and this enables parents to work full time, knowing their children have high quality care.  With so many active children, their materials need to be replaced or updated regularly.  Lake Toxaway Charities has enabled New Adventure to purchase materials to enhance both the outdoor playgrounds and indoor areas, as they work to transform these to provide more learning activities for children whether they are outdoors or indoors on rainy days.

To aid these efforts Lake Toxaway Charities approved a grant in 2020 to purchase materials for classrooms, install new carpet, and bicycles.

Lake Toxaway Charities continued its support of the New Adventure Learning center in 2021 with a grant to purchase materials for classrooms and the playground.

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