Lake Toxaway Community Center

The Lake Toxaway Community Center provides a place for local residents to gather for family reunions, parties, and picnics. It is a place to gather and be with friends and family. Lake Toxaway Charities awarded a grant to fund installing new windows and addressing other maintenance items, including plumbing a bathroom. Lake Toxaway Charities is pleased to be able to contribute to this wonderful community center for the people of Transylvania County.

Since 2016, Lake Toxaway Charities has assisted the Community Center with necessary repairs and upgrades in a strategic plan to keep the center in good repair and available to our neighbors. In 2021 Lake Toxaway Charities supported Phase III of this plan which includes: AC instillation, new cabinets, replacement of faulty plumbing fixtures, add insulation, and necessary repairs/upgrades to the electrical system.

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