Brevard Lions Club

Lake Toxaway Charities generously supports the Brevard Lions Club in their primary endeavor of providing eyeglasses and eye exams to financially disadvantaged residents of Transylvania County. The Brevard Lions Club demonstrates its commitment to improving vision by allocating an average annual expenditure of over $10,000, benefitting both children and adults within the local community. Numerous requests for assistance are received from more than 30 local charities and aid organizations.

Recognizing the importance of this initiative, Lake Toxaway Charities approved grants in 2020, 2021, and 2022 to enable the Brevard Lions Club to continue delivering glasses and exams to individuals in need. Through this partnership, Lake Toxaway Charities contributes significantly to ensuring that individuals who require vision correction but lack the financial means can access the necessary eyewear and eye care services.

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