SAFE, Inc. of Transylvania County is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering a community that is free from domestic and sexual abuse. Their mission is to take the lead in eradicating domestic and sexual abuse by providing support, prevention initiatives, and outreach programs. The team at SAFE firmly believes that putting an end to domestic and sexual abuse not only strengthens families but also enhances economies and creates safer, more resilient communities. The primary objective of SAFE is to ensure that all victims of domestic violence and sexual assault can find refuge, receive compassionate treatment, and gain access to essential opportunities and services. By empowering individuals with the necessary resources, SAFE aims to facilitate lasting change and enable them to live a life free from the horrors of domestic and sexual abuse. Ultimately, SAFE strives to foster a positive and secure community that prioritizes the eradication of domestic abuse and violence, consistently engages in prevention efforts, advocates for victims, and provides education on the subject. Thanks to the invaluable support of Lake Toxaway Charities, victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence can seek shelter at SAFE and receive the assistance they need to create a safe and nurturing environment for themselves and their families. Together, SAFE and Lake Toxaway Charities are working diligently to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by domestic and sexual abuse, while actively promoting a community that is committed  to prevention, advocacy, and education.

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