SAFE, Inc. of Transylvania County is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a community free from domestic and sexual abuse. They lead the community in eliminating domestic and sexual abuse through support, prevention and outreach. The SAFE team knows that ending domestic and sexual abuse builds stronger families, stronger economies and overall stronger and safer communities.  SAFE wants to ensure all victims of domestic violence and sexual assault can find safety, be treated with dignity and respect, and get access to the opportunities and services they need to create long lasting changes that will result in a life free of domestic and sexual abuse. Ultimately, SAFE wants create a positive, safe community that makes ending domestic abuse and violence a priority and is consistently engaged in prevention, advocacy, and education. With the support of Lake Toxaway Charities, victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence are able to seek shelter at SAFE and get the assistance they need to help ensure a safe and positive environment for their families.

Lake Toxaway Charities awarded a grants in 2020 and 2021 to continue our support for Stacey’s House and for the underfunded services necessary to support families desiring to end abuse.

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