Tiger Impact Group (TIG)

The Tiger Impact Group (TIG) first formed in 2017 as a collaboration between Lake Toxaway Charities, the Transylvania County Schools Educational Foundation (TCSEF) and Transylvania County Schools to provide a variety of supportive programs and services in the Rosman district schools.

Lake Toxaway Charities designs TIG programs in conjunction with teachers, administrators, and community members in order to build on strengths in the existing school community. Indeed, the Transylvania County Schools motto is “Teaching everyone takes everyone.” This is a position that TIG passionately believes in and intends to match programs to needs beginning with elementary schools.

“We can and will focus on academics for students to succeed. But my own personal belief is that building up the morale, the spirit, and confidence of students, parents, and the entire community is a very important first step.”

Bob Graham, TIG Founder

TIG has launched a suite of programs from a speaker series to advising programs with the goal of establishing one-to-one mentorship and support systems for students on the road to college and career readiness. All require some form of consistent volunteers/mentors for one on one as well as group settings. These can draw on the general community as well as graduates specific to their schools. Emphasis will be on career success but also on life skills.

Those interested in volunteering should contact:

Bob Graham:

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