Hunger Coalition of Transylvania County

Food insecurity is a reality for many people who live in Transylvania County. There are a number of pantries throughout the county that exist to help alleviate the problem through periodic distributions of foods to people who are able to make it to them. It has been the goal of HCTC to pull alongside these pantries by providing them with additional staples, produce, and other goods while offering additional food distributions in areas where pantries do not exist. The Hunger Coalition’s normal, monthly routine is to hold a “pop-up” market at Davidson River School and Rosman Town Hall on the first and second Thursdays, respectively. Every second Friday, they deliver staples and produce to 8 pantries across Transylvania.

The generous grants that we have received from Lake Toxaway Charities have helped underwrite our general budget each year. The additional funds and Covid-related grants that we’ve received during these past few months could thus be used directly for providing foods to the increased numbers of people who have benefited from our distributions. As the Covid situation continues, we find ourselves on strong financial footing in our efforts to combat hunger, thanks in a large part to your organization’s generous grants.

– William Grimm, Hunger Coalition

Since the advent of Covid-19, the Hunger Coalition has increased their presence by holding weekly distributions on Thursdays either at Brevard Community Church or Rosman Champion Park. They have maintained the pantry deliveries and augmented them with additional produce and foods. These additional distributions have required an increase in funding and volunteers, both readily met from within the local community.

Lake Toxaway Charities is honored to support the work of the Hunger Coalition with a grant in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

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