Lake Toxaway Charities supports WNCSource’s Liquid Nutrition Program (Ensure). This program provides Ensure at a low cost to medically needy participants with documented conditions such as chewing or mouth issues, digestive problems or those who are receiving cancer treatments that prevent from them from being able to consume regular food.  Participants are approved by their physician for this program, and, as this is often the only nutrition they are able to consume, it truly is a life-saver. Lake Toxaway Charities also awarded a grant to WNCSource in 2020 to support the Ensure program.

WNCSource was able to secure funding for their Liquid Nutrition Program for the elderly in 2021 based on grant funding due to COVID. However, WCCA identified other needs in our community Lake Toxaway Charities could assist with. In 2021 Lake Toxaway Charities awarded a grant to supply several individuals under the age of 60 with Liquid Nutrition. Lake Toxaway Charities also supported a garden initiative for members of our community to grow their own gardens to supplement their diets with fresh vegetables. In addition, Lake Toxaway Charities supported the purchase of box fans for families without air conditioning.

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