Meals on Wheels Grant Approval

Lake Toxaway Charities recently approved a $15,000 grant request to fund Meals on Wheels programming. Meals on Wheels delivers hot lunches daily to the homes of house-bound seniors in the upper part of Transylvania County.  Volunteers make these deliveries to recipients who are pre-enrolled with the program manager.  Other funding is provided by the Home and Community Care Block Grant, proceeds from sales at the Tiger Town Thrift Store in Rosman and monetary donations from the caring public.

The loss of United Way in Transylvania County has been devastating to agencies like Meals on Wheels that depend on donations to provide this vital service to our community. The programming has become even more important as the elderly avoid the grocery stores in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We thank you for your support of this incredible organization and your willingness to help the elderly of Transylvania County.

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Mediation Center – 2020 Grant

The mission of the Mediation Center is to create opportunity from conflict. The Mediation Center provides conflict resolution services to help people move through difficult and stressful times and resolve conflict without violence and abuse. For adults, they provide community and family mediation services to resolve disputes between neighbors, family members, co-workers, and others. Lake Toxaway Charities approved a $5,000 grant request in 2020 to help with these efforts.

Hunger Coalition of Transylvania County – 2020 Grant

The generous grants that we have received from Lake Toxaway Charities have helped underwrite our general budget each year. The additional funds and Covid-related grants that we’ve received during these past few months could thus be used directly for providing foods to the increased numbers of people who have benefited from our distributions.

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