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Lake Toxaway Charities recently approved a 2020 grant request to fund Meals on Wheels programming. Meals on Wheels delivers hot lunches daily to the homes of house-bound seniors in the upper part of Transylvania County.  Volunteers make these deliveries to recipients who are pre-enrolled with the program manager.  Other funding is provided by the Home and Community Care Block Grant, proceeds from sales at the Tiger Town Thrift Store in Rosman and monetary donations from the caring public.

Lake Toxaway Charities also supports WWCA’s Liquid Nutrition Program (Ensure). This program provides Ensure at a low cost to medically needy participants with documented conditions such as chewing or mouth issues, digestive problems or those who are receiving cancer treatments that prevent from them from being able to consume regular food.  Participants are approved by their physician for this program, and, as this is often the only nutrition they are able to consume, it truly is a life-saver. Lake Toxaway Charities also awarded a grant to WCCA in 2020 to support the Ensure program.

The loss of United Way in Transylvania County has been devastating to agencies like Meals on Wheels that depend on donations to provide this vital service to our community. The programming has become even more important as the elderly avoid the grocery stores in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We thank you for your support of this incredible organization and your willingness to help the elderly of Transylvania County.

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