Crossnore Communities for Children

Crossnore Communities for Children was founded in North Carolina in
2018 and is a recognized leader in supporting foster children who have
experienced trauma to reclaim, rebuild, and reimagine the essential
belief in a safe, dependable home. Additional Crossnore services include
outpatient and school-based therapy, adoption, self-sufficiency
preparation for foster teens and young adults, family preservation, and
trauma-informed training and consultation for community-based groups
through Crossnore’s National Center for Trauma Resilient Communities
(“CTRC”). CTRC was developed at Crossnore to support people,
organizations, and communities as they embed and embody the science
trauma resilience, with a focus on positive and adverse childhood and
community experiences. CTRC is spurring honest conversations and
catalyzing bold ideas into courageous action in communities across the

Funding from Lake Toxaway Charities in 2023 will be utilized to
develop and deliver two wellness-based programs for those on the
frontlines of caring for others in Transylvania County. The programs
will be open to healthcare, education, and social and human services
professionals working or residing in Transylvania County. Program
sessions will include opportunities to cultivate self-care and co-care
wellness practices through a strengths-based, positive psychology lens.
The concept of self-compassion and the distinctions between empathy
and compassion will be explored and will serve as an avenue to sustain
compassion satisfaction and mitigate burn-out within these direct
serving roles.

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