Thank You Note from the Sharing House

Lake Toxaway Charities $50,000 donation to the Sharing House was matched by the Smith Martini Foundation of a Lake Toxaway homeowner for a grand total of $100,000 given to Director Shelly Webb and her Sharing House team. They literally work miracles and save lives within our beloved community.

Dear Friends of the Lake Toxaway Charities,

This amazing gift is an answer to many prayers, offered in these days of great anxiety. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the incredible ways the good people of Lake Toxaway continue to support our community. These days are unprecedented times for many of us. the needs that are emerging from the COVID-19 virus and the disruption it is causing in the economy will make life very difficult for a lengthy period of time. We know of people who continue to struggle, lving paycheck to paycheck and our fear is that this will only exasperate problems with basic life necessities. We have seen 30 new families in the past two weeks.

Thank you for your gift – for your significant part in offering hope and life-giving means for the people we serve. Our neighbors who come for assistance, leave knowing they have encountered a place that cares and will work to support them when times are tough in securing the basic living necessitites. Your investment into improving our community is a lifeline for people in need.

Thank you for being so generous in this time of need. Thank you for stepping up and sharing your resources with those who are struggling today. We are determined to support our neighbors with food and with crisis financial assistance. Having the support of Lake Toxaway Charities means that we can meet these needs without fear – we will have enough resources to truly give assistance in ways that make a tremendous difference in every life we touch.

We simply could not sustain this ministry without the care of foundations and the generous community you represent. Thank you so much for your support, for your tireless work, and for your heart! We are forever grateful for your support during these historic, difficult days. Thank you!

In gratititude,

Rev. Shelly F. Webb – Executive Director of Sharing House

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