Tiger Thrift Store Volunteer Opportunity -Western Carolina Community Action

Would you like to connect more directly with a Lake Toxaway Charities supported agency? The Tiger Thrift Store is in desperate need of volunteers! The Tiger Thrift store benefits Western Carolina Community Action (WCCA), a non-profit that supports the elderly of Transylvania County with Meals on Wheels and a Liquid Nutrition Program (Ensure).

A variety of opportunities are available but they would love to have someone that is comfortable running the cash register. The store is located in Rosman directly across from the High School and is open Monday-Saturday from 10 am until 2 pm with two or four hour shifts available.   The Tiger Thrift Store is following all COVID-19 prevention protocols including requiring face coverings and sanitizing

Please have any interested parties contact Loretta Sanders at Tiger Town, 828 884-9222 or at tigertown@wcca.org.

Meals on Wheels News:


Lake Toxaway Charities supports WNCSource’s Liquid Nutrition Program (Ensure). This program provides Ensure at a low cost to medically needy participants with documented conditions such as chewing or mouth issues, digestive problems or those who are receiving cancer treatments that prevent from them from being able to consume regular food.  Participants are approved by their…

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