STEP provides home repair and firewood for low income, elderly, and the disabled. Sadly, some of the homes in our area are not habitable and the living conditions are inhumane. The lumber and home repair provided by our 2020 grant to STEP aided in improving the living conditions of our neighbors who are most in need of sound environments to live and raise their children.

In 2021, Lake Toxaway Charities granted funding for the purchase of a new tractor to support much needed home repair for our neighbors in need. Some of STEP’s clients have gone years without safe access to their properties. Lake Toxaway Charities in collaboration with STEP can help lift this burden with an organization-owned tractor to repair driveways for safe entrance and exit to our neighbor’s homes. For STEP’s Firewood Ministry, the tractor will be used to safely move heavy logs onto and around the lot where the firewood is stored. Additionally, the tractor can be used for safe removal of firewood donations on donor’s properties. In the past, STEP has borrowed a tractor to assist in these endeavors.

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