The Volunteer Program at Lake Toxaway

The Volunteer Program at Lake Toxaway is a new program designed to connect the charitable organizations supported by Lake Toxaway Charities with Lake Toxaway residents who want to personally volunteer their time and talents to make a difference in our county.

The needs of others in our county are enormous.  Transylvania Schools track and report that over 150 children a year live precariously or homelessly.  Many more do not have shoes or adequate clothing for attending school.  Abuse and domestic violence are significant county-wide problems, and hunger on a daily basis exists for many.

For more information about this program, please contact either Mary Anne or Bob Hamilton by email at or at or by phone at 404-626-9277 or 713-828-7997.

Volunteer Information

Covid19 has severely harmed many of the residents of Transylvania County, disrupted the activities of many of the agencies that assist these residents, and makes volunteering by our residents difficult.  As a result of the Covid 19 disruption, Lake Toxaway…

Will You Be Our Volunteer?

There’s no shortage of ways you can help. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen, women’s shelter, or offer to tutor a child in reading or math. You can find ogles of opportunities on our Volunteer Page, now, isn’t that pretty sweet?

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