Mountain Roots

Mountain Roots is a local educational non-profit that provides discovery and outdoor learning experiences for youth, teens and their families in Transylvania County. It operates 50 weeks a year providing programs for every local public elementary school and summer day camps for children, as well as leadership and group development retreats and workshops for community groups and schools. In a digital era, Mountain Roots provides a safe place for children to make connections to a better understanding of themselves, their community and the wonders of the natural world that surround us.  Lake Toxaway Charities grants have helped fund school gardens and gardening lessons to teach kids how to grow food at home or be involved with one of the community gardens in Transylvania County, as well as scholarships to day camp for families.

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Feed the Tiger – Tiger Impact Group

We would like to introduce you to the new AIM Initiative as part of our TIG (Tiger Impact Group) with the Rosman High School Cheerleaders. Lake Toxaway Charities is proud of our Rosman High School Cheerleaders, who are developing important skills by establishing self esteem, personal drive for excellence, hard work, and goal setting.

Transylvania County Schools Educational Foundation (TCSEF)

The Transylvania County Schools Educational Foundation’s mission is to promote, develop, and encourage public and private support of the Transylvania County Schools. Lake Toxaway Charities awarded a grant in 2020 in support of the TCSEF. Transylvania County Schools Educational Foundation is grateful for the partnership and support they have received from Lake Toxaway Charities. Our partnership began in June of 2019 and the…

Brevard College

Lake Toxaway Charities is pleased to announce that it recently awarded the college with a grant for the 2020/21 academic year to make an education attainable for a Transylvania County student receiving financial aid. The first Lake Toxaway Charities student scholarship dedicated to a Brevard College student was created in 1990, beginning a decades-long partnership…

Mountain School of Strings

Mountain School of Strings is a non-profit music organization committed to providing affordable after-school strings classes for all who are interested. Their curriculum challenges students to play music from classical to traditional mountain tunes. Research indicates that music education gives students an edge when it comes to self-esteem, personal motivation and even academic success. Mountain…

New Adventure Learning Center

New Adventure Learning Center is a full-time child day care center that serves children of many different backgrounds and abilities in each their five classrooms.  New Adventure serves 72 local area children, including 18 Pre-K students ages 4 and 5.  They are a 5-star center which uses the Creative Curriculum to provide assessments, parent conferences…

Summit Charter School

Talented educators and engaged parents partner together to create an exceptional educational environment in which the Kindergarten through Grade Ten students are able to develop a level of confidence that invokes success, self-worth, and the opportunity to thrive in all endeavors. A unique place-based curriculum allows students to apply classroom lessons to meaningful hands-on learning…

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