Thank You Jean Merritt!

Thank you, Jean Merritt as the 2019 – 2021 RHS cheerleader coordinator!

The Rosman High School Cheerleaders were ready for a winter football schedule thanks to the efforts of Jean Merritt and the generosity of Lake Toxaway area residents who led a fundraising effort to completely outfit 40 girls and one guy! Check out the picture below. Jean dubbed the program “Feed the Tiger” and ultimately, the objective is to provide mentoring to the girls as well. Jean is transitioning the role to a new coordinator but will always be remembered and appreciated for the effort she made! Way to go Jean!”

Rick Tranquilli

“Rosman Tiger Cheerleaders are truly thankful for Mrs. Jean Merritt. She not only met in person with the coach but stayed in constant contact throughout the process of obtaining donations to help keep our team warm last year. Our cheerleaders come from lower-income families and it is a struggle sometimes to help pay for not only warm-ups but shoes, bows, and even team meals.  This donation did all of that and more. Through her constant efforts, we were even able to replace some fall uniforms needed for the 2021-2022 season.  Mrs. Jean was an intricate part of that.  Her being a former LSU cheerleader was even more of a blessing to some of our students.  We had two seniors last year that were able to see LSU play in person the previous year which made Mrs. Jean’s efforts more memorable for our team.  We are truly thankful for all that she has accomplished and all of her support in getting this program started.  We are going to miss talking to her regularly but we say that she is ALWAYS welcome to visit us in the future.  THANKS for EVERYTHING.”

RHMS CHEERLEADERS & Shannon Patton, RHS Varsity Football Cheerleading Coach

This is a bittersweet time as we say so long to Jean Merritt as the megaphone is being passed to both Caroline Donohue and Louise Tranquilli.  Thank you to Caroline and Louise for stepping up to work with the RHS & RMS cheerleaders for the 2021-2022 school year!

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