The Generous Spirit of Mrs. Lucy Armstrong Moltz

Mrs. Lucy Armstrong Moltz, a resident of Savannah, GA, after becoming enamored with Lake Toxaway’s cool summers, in 1913, built her Swiss style mansion on a rocky knoll along the pristine shores of Lake Toxaway, her mountain escape. Enchanted, Miss Lucy, as she is affectionately called by the locals, dearly loved Lake Toxaway, once remarking “I’ve traveled the world twice and I believe Lake Toxaway to be the most beautiful and special place on earth.” Miss Lucy frequented her summer retreat, Hillmont, even following the devastating flood of 1916 which tragically burst the dam of Lake Toxaway. Though the waters of Lake Toxaway were gone, Miss Lucy remained enchanted with the area and the local community, making Hillmont, now known as the Greystone Inn, her permanent home in 1924.

Miss Lucy was a devoted supporter of the local community. Teaching women skills that included cooking, canning and homemaking and during the difficult days of the depression, Miss Lucy created jobs on her estate for the people of Transylvania County. She loved children, often hosting picnics and paid for over two dozen young people to attend college.

In accordance with Miss Lucy’s beautiful spirit of generosity, Shannon and Geoffrey Ellis of the Greystone Inn continue to build on Miss Lucy’s legacy by partnering with Lake Toxaway Charities to aid our neighbors in need in Transylvania County. Again in 2020, the Greystone will serve as the drop off and gathering point for our “Pantry Clean Out” event. Click here to learn more. Currently, in the works are arrangements for this year’s Angel Tree of Giving. We are delighted to join hands with the Greystone to celebrate the kind generous spirit of Miss Lucy, who in so many ways is the embodiment of our mission.

Greystone Partnerships

End of Season Pantry Food Drop Off – Greystone Inn

To benefit area food banks At the end of each season at Lake Toxaway, many residents clean out their freezers and pantries and throw away good food. Our less fortunate residents in Transylvania County need this food, especially with massive COVID job losses and other COVID impacts. Thankfully, the Greystone Inn, in the beautiful giving…

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