Liquid Nutrition and Shelf Stable Food Box Success Story September 2022

When I began radiation and chemotherapy for cancer the treatments made me very sick.  I was too sick to prepare food and too sick to eat it if I did.  My relatives would bring me food occasionally, but they all had jobs to go to, so that wasn’t very often.  As time went on, I kept getting sicker, and, consequently, got weak and lost a lot of weight.  

To help me get some nutrition, my doctor recommended that I try a meal supplement drink such as Ensure that I could easily drink to try to start regaining some strength.  My doctor referred me to WNCSource as they had a program to that helped people get Ensure at a lower cost than buying it in the grocery store (it is really expensive).  So, I called their office and got signed up after my doctor provided the verification that it was a medical need.  Again, my big issue was picking it up.  I don’t have transportation and my family works, so being able to go get it was a challenge.  The staff at WNCSource made arrangements for one of their staff to bring my product to my door!  I was so pleased and grateful.  And, the Ensure was very reasonable at $10 per case.  

Then, I was notified that they had received a grant to help pay for the cost so I would not have to pay out-of-pocket while they have the grant money.  That has been a real blessing for me.  As a senior citizen who lives alone on Social Security, any extra expense is difficult.  So, I would like to express my gratitude to them for all they have done to help me.  In addition to the Ensure, I have also been able to get shelf-stable food boxes at no charge.  That has really helped me stretch my food budget.  Thank you WNCSource for all you do for us older folks!  

A few days after I started drinking Ensure, I noticed that I started to feel a little stronger and not so drained of energy. I felt more encouraged to work toward getting better. I had been so sick and so drained I felt like I just couldn’t do anything to help myself get better. It has been a few months now and I have completed my treatments. I have continued to depend on the Ensure to supplement my food intake each day as I still don’t have much of an appetite.  Ensure, along with the easy, no preparation food boxes, has helped me stop losing weight. These two programs and the personal assistance from the staff has really uplifted my spirit and my outlook on working to regain my health.


A Very Grateful Transylvania County Client

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