Volunteer Opportunity – Mediation Center

Become a Volunteer Community Mediator

Volunteer mediators help people in our community move through difficult and stressful conflict by having productive conversations that put relationships first. Each year, Volunteer Community Mediators facilitate conversations between hundreds of people.  When conflict is resolved peacefully, we all have a safer and more peaceful community.

The model of mediation the Mediation Center practices is radically non-judgmental.  The Mediation Center values the self-determination of participants and believe that people know best how to move forward in their own conflicts. Mediators don’t tell people what to do, decide who is right or wrong, give advice, share their own experiences, or push people towards agreements.  They never make suggestions or make rules about how communication happens during mediation. Instead, they walk participants through a conflict resolution process so the participants can create their own solutions.  The Mediation Center always uses a co-mediation model where mediators work in pairs using the same evidence-supported model.

All mediators complete Community Mediation Training, which includes 40+ hours of classroom and homework time.  The training is free to those who apply and are accepted to participate.

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