Bread of Life

The Bread of Life serves the poor, the disadvantaged, and the food-insecure residents of Transylvania County in an accepting, open, and non-threatening environment. The Bread of Life serves over 45,000 meals a year and distribute approximately 900 boxes of food for home preparation over the weekends.  Bread of Life is the only regularly operating community kitchen providing daily hot meals in the County and provides a service not otherwise available on a consistent, reliable basis.  Most of their patrons rely on the Bread of Life to augment their access to good food. Since hunger is widespread throughout Transylvania County, the Bread of Life has expanded their offerings to include hot meals and food pantry service every week in Balsam Grove. During the coming year 2021-2022, the Bread of Life plans to add regular deliveries to Little River and/or Rosman

Since 2005, Lake Toxaway Charities has been partnering with us at Bread of Life, providing funding for food and capital needs so that we can continue to share meals and love with our neighbors in Transylvania County.

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